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SHOREWOOD - HILTON HEADIf your a little flexible and like the idea of saving the most amount of money possible… then our “SHOREWOOD SPECIAL” is the perfect option for you. It is like booking a hotel with Priceline… you get the quality and location you want, but you save up to 50% off the published rate. These villas can be rented daily (5 night minimum) or weekly depending on availability.

SHOREWOOD 2 bedroom Reservations…
CHECK RATES & AVAILABILITY HERE… Arrive SAT or SUN 5 to 7 nights (call for longer stays)


[booking type=22 nummonths=3 form_type=’shorewood’ options='{select-day condition=”weekday” for=”6″ value=”7,8″},
{select-day condition=”weekday” for=”0″ value=”6,7″},
{select-day condition=”weekday” for=”1″ value=”0″},
{select-day condition=”weekday” for=”2″ value=”0″},
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{select-day condition=”weekday” for=”5″ value=”0″}’]

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